The 3rd International
Laugh Your Head Off Cartoon Contest


O ye Infidels & Faithful of the World,
Laugh Your Heads Off....

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Defending Liberty, Resisting Jihadist Intimidation , and Having Some Fun

*** Note: If you are a person who is offended by cartoons or jokes

that have images or punch lines regarding Islam,
or regarding Muhammed, (the Prophet?)
(Oops! Don't want a Fatwa),
then please do NOT enter this site, unless you've got something truly funny to share.

Here's freedom to him who would speak
Here's freedom to him who would write.
For there's none ever feared
That the truth should be heard
Save he who the truth would indict.

Robert Burns

"The time is coming when anyone who kills you
will think he is offering a service to God." Jesus The Christ